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Brunch & Lunch




Eggs Any Way - $10 (GF) (V) (DF)

Served on toasted multigrain bread.

Big Breakfast - $22 (GF)

Toasted ciabatta, grilled bacon and sausages, hash browns, roasted tomato, portobello mushroom and fried eggs. Served with homemade tomato chutney.

Eggs Benedict - $18 (GF) (V)

Soft poached eggs served on a toasted english muffin with roasted tomato and a hash brown.
With your choice of Bacon, Smoked Salmon or Sautéed Spinach.

Brioche French Toast - $18 (V)

Served with caramelized banana, creme fraiche and maple syrup, finished with a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Savoury Pancake - $20

Rolled and filled with homemade onion jam and camembert cheese, finished with hollandaise, pesto and rocket leaves. With your choice of Bacon, Smoked Salmon or Spinach.



Fresh toasted garlic bread - $10

With balsamic glaze.
With cheese
- $12

Warm Demi Baguette - $12

With a selection of dips and spreads.

Soup of the Day - $12

Served with toasted ciabatta.

Tempura Fish and Chips - $19

Today’s fresh fish, battered in crispy tempura and served with fries, garden salad, lemon wedge, tartare and tomato sauces.

Chicken Salad - $24 (GF)

Harissa spiced chicken tossed through fresh watercress, courgette ribbons, olives, red onion and cherry tomatoes. Finished with a balsamic reduction.

Beef and Tiger Prawn Salad - $24 (GF)

Succulent beef strips and prawns, sautéed and bound in a Thai infused dressing. Tossed through a garden salad with toasted cashews and crispy noodles.

Chilli Prawn and Chorizo Pasta - $22

Tiger prawns and chorizo sautéed with red onion, roasted tomato half and aromatics. Finished with creme fraiche, rocket leaves and avocado oil.

Chicken Burger - $25

Sous vide chicken thigh served on a toasted bap with fresh tomato slices, a rustic slaw and sriracha mayonnaise. Served with smoked paprika fries and aioli.

Grilled Sirloin Steak - $28 (GF)

Served on buttered agria puree, with sautéed greens, roasted tomato half and finished with hollandaise sauce and balsamic reduction.

Fries - $12

With tomato sauce and aioli.
Half Size - $7

Seasoned Potato Wedges - $14

With sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.
With Bacon and Cheese - $19

Fresh Garden Salad - $5

Dressed with honey mustard.


Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Toasted Ciabatta, Hash browns - $4.50 per portion

Roasted Tomato Half, Portobello Mushroom - $2 per portion

Sautéed Spinach - $3

Gluten Free Bread - $5