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mains and sides



Fresh Toasted Garlic Bread - $10

With balsamic reduction
With Cheese - $12

Warm Demi Baguette - $12

With a selection of spreads and dips

Soup of the Day - $13

Served with toasted ciabatta, Your waiter will let you know what the Chefs special is today.

Prawn Gratin (GF bread available) - $16

Sautéed tiger prawns with leek and red onion, white wine and a cream, finished with cheddar and parmesan cheeses, grilled and served with toasted ciabatta.

Semolina Gnocchi - $15

Pan seared with mushroom and garlic confit, beetroot coulis and balsamic reduction, finished with parmesan and kale chips.

Seared Scallops (GF) - $18

Scallops quickly seared, served with prosciutto, pickled vegetables, finished with hollandaise and balsamic reduction



Roast Angus pure Beef fillet (GF) - $38

Potato dauphinoise wrapped in streaky bacon, parsnip puree, baby vegetables, beetroot coulis, kale chips, finished with a red wine jus.

Pan Seared Lamb Rump - $36

Semolina gnocchi, courgette, mushroom and garlic confit, sweet carrot puree, sumac, finished with a red wine jus.

Grilled Chicken Supreme - $34

Udon noodles, lightly sautéed julienne of vegetables, sweet sesame and soy dressing, crispy shallots, puffed rice wafer with sumac.

Grilled Pork Loin (GF) - $34

Creamy potato puree, chorizo and vegetable ratatouille kale chips, finished with apple syrup.

Catch of the Day - $38

Your waiter will let you know what the Chef’s special is today.



Grilled Sirloin Steak (GF) - $33

Roast gourmet potatoes, baby carrots and red onion, grilled tomato, finished with homemade tomato chutney, balsamic reduction, hollandaise and kumara crisps.

Spiced Meatball Linguine - $22

Sautéed meatball of the week, red onion, olives, tomato, fennel seed with chilli and apple syrup, bound in a tomato and red wine sauce, topped with parmesan, crispy kale and toasted ciabatta.

Thai Chicken & Prawn Salad (GF & DF Without Noodles) - $24

Succulent chicken strips and tiger prawns sautéed and bound in coconut, Thai red curry paste, brown sugar and lime, tossed together with mesculin leaves, red onion, carrot ribbons, mung beans, peppers, cashew nuts and crispy noodles.

Bethany’s Chicken Salad (GF & DF Without Noodles) - $23

Succulent chicken strips sautéed with peppers, red onion, button mushrooms, cashew nuts and ginger, placed on a bed of baby leaf salad and crispy noodles, dressed with a sweet chipotle dressing and topped with kumara crisps.

Warm Vegan Salad (GF, V & DF) - $25

Pan roasted gourmet potatoes, courgette, red onion, baby carrots, peppers, tomato and button mushrooms, with marinated olives, artichokes, cashew nuts, baby leaf salad, finished with beetroot coulis and apple syrup.



Fresh Garden Salad - $5

honey mustard dressing

Roasted Gourmet Potatoes - $7

Sautéed Button Mushrooms - $7

Sautéed Vegetables on hand - $7

Fries with or without curry salt - $12

Tomato ketchup & aioli
(Half size) - $7

Seasoned Potato Wedges - $14

With sour cream and sweet chilli sauce
With Bacon and Cheese - $19



Bethany’s Raspberry Crème Brulee (GF Without Donuts) - $15

Served with homemade mini cinnamon donuts, Greek yoghurt and raspberry preserve.

Death by Chocolate - $15

If you don’t like chocolate... try it anyway!

New York Baked Cheese Cake - $15

With candied lemon slices, whipped cream, praline dust and blueberry compote.

Steamed Toffee Espresso Pudding - $15

Served with pouring cream, brandy snap crumb, vanilla bean ice cream and Dulce de Leche.

Duo of Kapiti Ice Creams - $15

Served with a biscuit wafer and dehydrated fruit.

Sorbet (GF & DF) - $15

Served with berry compote, your waiter will let you know what our sorbet flavour is today.

Bethany’s Chocolate Liqueur Truffle (GF) - $5

Liquor Coffees - $14